Our Philosophy

To methodically build a critical mass of contacts, relationships, distributorships, and expertise within a chosen product category and leverage all possible cross-sell and cross-marketing opportunities within that domain. We have used this approach to establish ourselves as a reliable. It is our intent to look for similar opportunities in other, dynamic specialty market categories.
Organski Cosmetics Trading is Limited Liability Corporation, based in Dubai, with main warehouse facilities in Dubai.

Why choose Organski?

Organski Cosmetics Trading L.L.C was formed with a mission to bring distinctive and unique products to new markets. We find products with niche appeal, As an Exclusive Sole distributor and match them with networks of independent retail outlets throughout the United Arab Emirates & The Middle East.
Organski Cosmetics Trading L.L.C is designed as single-source, business-to-business distribution solutions. Our capabilities include warehousing and fulfillment, logistics. We supplement our own strengths with a network of specialist business partners, each an established company that is expert in its field, domiciled in the United Arab Emirates and familiar with U.A.E and local business practices and regulations.

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